Product Idea Status Definitions

We have seven different statuses that a Product can be placed in.  You can learn more about our statuses by reviewing the table below.

Status Description
Researching We are looking into your idea for initial verification that it is feasible, that it is not already in the product, and that we have enough details from you to properly consider it.
Awaiting Votes We have read your idea and it is under consideration. Ideas can remain in this state for long periods of time to gather more community feedback in the form of comments and votes.
Needs More Detail We need more detail in order to understand what you’re asking for.
Probable We haven't planned to do it yet, but we think it is probable that we will at some point in the future.
Planned Congratulations! Your idea will be added to the product. We can’t commit to when yet, but we are planning to do it and will let you know when we start. Keep voting as it will help us prioritize the idea.
Started It’s official, we have started working on your idea, but we can't say when we will finish.
Already in Product We believe that your idea is already in the product. If you disagree, please add a comment explaining why you think it is not.
Completed We have added your idea to the product. Thanks for helping us improve the product for you!
Declined I’m sorry, but we won’t be adding your idea to the product. The good news is that you get your votes back for something we might actually do! :) 

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